Success Stories

Hazel is practising her Swiss!

We have received great news from our lovely Hazel! Her journey to Switzerland was uneventful and she is now settling in at her new home filled with love and as you can see with lots of hearts! Thank you Paola!


Hazel rehomed 3Hazel rehomed2

Hazel rehomed



Bella has found her loving home

Bella was always a very friendly cat, but she could never get along well with other cats. When Jane came along, it was love at first sight and the two are happily at home enjoying each other’s company.

Thank you Jane!

 Bella rehomed

Bowser’s home!

Scooter says: ”My brother Bowser got adopted yesterday! I will miss him a lot but I heard that his new family is awesome. They have a perfect house for him with a lot of toys and space to run around. They even own a dog supplies shop, I bet he’ll be spoiled rotten. He has a new sister and a new name as well, he is now known as Spadge!
I hope that Spadge and his family will have a wonderful long life together.
And that I’ll soon find my forever home as well, please come see me!”

Scooter rehomedSpadge Scooter rehomed

Buddy’s lucky birthday!

What a lovely birthday present for Buddy! When Mrs Petzer booked Buddy for adoption no one paid much attention to his D.O.B. until we were going through his file today finalizing the adoption. We were all touched to find out he was born on 24/2/13. It took time but we finally found his perfect gift. We wish Buddy a great life with his new family!

Buddy rehomed

Scooter’s found his happily ever after!


Bowser’s brother Scooter has hit it big! He’s found a place he can finally call home, and he loves it! We’ll miss you Scooter, but we’re ever so happy for you!

Scooter rehomed2

Larry’s living the high life!

We received great news about our recently adopted Larry…and he has settled in perfectly with his new family! Another success story! Thank you Sherieka for the lovely photos!

Larry rehomed Larry rehomed2



‘The Pensioner’ hit the jackpot!

Wenzu Rehomed3 Wenzu rehomed1 Wenzu rehomed2

Remember our pensioner Wenzu? See him now…Wilbur, as he’s now affectionately known, has been busy at it, walking the streets of Sliema, having a stroll by the beach and coming home to a lazy lie in in the sun rays.

We still miss you old boy, but you are finally where you belong 😊

Thank you Fran for opening your heart and home to our oldest boy Wenzu despite his age, his toileting habits and the recently discovered lead pellets, which thankfully are not causing any problems and will not need further action. Notwithstanding all this, Wenzu has since  been an angel and settled in nicely, with only two accidents to speak of. He found a haven in the garden under the weeds where he trance walks at his leisure. If this isn’t heaven for an old boy, what is?



Lucky’s lucky day finally arrived!


A Christmas Re-homing Success! Everyone here at the MSPCA  would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the Zammit family for giving our good friend Lucky the greatest holiday gift he could ever wish for, a good home with a loving family!

Below is a picture of the newest addition to the Zammit house, appearing very content and eager to go home, on what was surely his LUCKY day. Wishing Lucky and his new family the very best this holiday season.


Lucky rehomed

Mork has found his Mindy! (Well his, new family anyway!)


Mork2Mork1Within two days our timid boy had already settled into his new home and running after his new owners. Who would have ever imagined hearing this? It is all thanks to the hard work the staff and volunteers have put in, as well as the patience of Mork’s new owners who visited him a number of times to socialise with him before taking him home. Here is what Mr Dimech said… “He is doing well and we are very happy to have adopted him. He is already house trained and loves his daily four times a day walks. He is so obedient and ready to please. We are so happy to be his family. Thanks to all”

Muxu’s made it home!

Muxu1Muxu2For those of you who had visited the MSPCA last kitten season must have seen our baby Muxu. All fell in love with him but none would take on the responsibility to care for him for the rest of his life until Mr Vella came over. His illness didn’t bother him at all and off he went. Muxu has settled well into his new home as well as with his best friend Zoellick. Mr& Mrs Vella said.. “Muxu is a little treasure and follows us around all over the place. His favourite past time is sleeping as well as eating”. Some habits never change ay Muxu!!



Lilly & Tommy – the inseparable two!

Tommy rehomedLilly and Tommy rehomedLilly rehomed



One year on… Lilly and Tommy were adopted by the Grech Orr family. Our young Lilly was always a little timid unlike her boisterous brothers, however she has settled in well with her new owners and is very happy to be with her brother Tommy.

Boris the Sailor Cat is living his life surrounded by fish!

Boris rehomed2 Boris rehomedAfter a rough start in life, Boris is now enjoying himself touring around the world with his new family.

Boris is relaxing after his first trip to Siracusa.

A word from his guardians…”Boris has survived his first sailing trip from Malta to Siracusa, Sicily. He did get seasick but recovered very fast. He thinks that life as a boat cat isn’t that bad after all”.

“Boris now in Naxos. He doesn’t really like the marinas as it is too busy for him. He loves being anchored in a nice quiet bay. He listens to his name and has learnt all the rules but only remembers the ones he wants. After only 6 weeks being with us he already got his sea legs and knows the boat inside out”.

Buttercup has settled in nicely

It took Buttercup 3 months to settle into her new home due to her timid character, but thanks to all the hard work, love and dedication the Azzopardi family put in, it all paid off. Buttercup is now living the life of a Princess and is very happy with her new family. “Buttercup loves snoozing on the sofa or armchairs and always cuddles up with somebody during the night. She is a joy to have at home”.

 Buttercup1 Buttercup2








Horatio’s Voyage to Ireland

Horatio rehomed

“My name is Horatio…

I was born last summer and I didn’t have a very good start. My owners dumped me, my little brother and my mummy in a plastic bag and left me outside the MSPCA shelter in Malta. It was dark and we could not breathe and we were all crying a lot. I thought I was going to die. The people at the SPCA found us just in time. They were very kind and looked after all of us. I was very sick and I was told later that the MSPCA had thought of ending my suffering.

However a lovely lady called Miriam had faith that something good would happen to me – and it did! She took me to the vet and he saved me and removed my very infected eye (but I can see very well with my one good eye). Back at the MSPCA I shared a big room with 80 other kittens. It was fantastic, 80 new brothers and sisters to play with! What made me sad was that I realised that they all had 2 eyes; so I wondered if anyone would ever choose me with only 1 eye and take me home?”

And then something very exciting happened!

Tessa and Austen, regular visitors from Ireland, arrived and when Tessa and I looked at each other we knew it was love at first sight. They stayed for 6 weeks and I saw my new Mummy regularly. She cuddled me lots and told me that I had to wait for my new pet passport so that I could go and live in Ireland with her and my three ‘step’ (ginger) brothers. It was a long wait and I dreamt every night of my new home in Ireland. And finally here I am! I love it here – I now have a choice of bedrooms with soft beds, lots of sofas and cushions and the food is yummy! My step brothers, Henry and Murdoch, play with me all the time and sometimes they lick and wash me when we are lying together. Grumpy Rupert won’t play with me – I think he’s too old but he shares his food with me anyway.

Horatio2 rehomed

Every night I cuddle up with my new Mummy in bed under the duvet and I purr all night long – I’m so happy that I think I’m in Heaven!……

Love Horatio x”