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Join our Sponsor a Dog or Cat Scheme!

Can’t home a cat or dog? Confused of what present you are going to give a friend?

 That is not a problem…

Sponsor a Dog or Cat instead and help us care for them while they wait for their perfect home

….it is only €1 a week!

Through your sponsorship you will help us care for our animals at the Re-Homing Centre. You will also be helping the animals themselves by coming over to visit them and giving them the love and attention they all deserve.

  • By sponsoring an MSPCA Dog or Cat you will receive a sponsorship pack with free goodies and information on your chosen pet!
  • You will get a best friend for life!
  • You can visit your new chosen best friend and even take him out for a walk!
  • You will also get a few surprises throughout the year from your dog or cat!

Below are the animals in the Sponsor a Dog or Cat Programme.


Age: 4 years oldGingi2

Sex: Male

Breed: Labrador/Malamute


“Hello! My name is Gingi and I am like nothing that you have seen before. I am so different from the rest and people say I have beautiful eyes! Who would have thought…one blue and one brown!

I like playing fetch with my friends here at MSPCA and they love me very much! However, it will be hard for me to find a home, as I will need some more training… I am a bit naughty at times”


Odie2Age: 5 1/2 years old

Sex: Male

Breed: Tal-kacca/pointer


“Hi there! My name is Odie and I have been with MSPCA since I was a puppy. They love me here so much that when I got adopted I managed to escape and return. I’ve now got several nicknames ‘escape artist’, ‘mafia boss’, ‘Houdini’… lol…Whoever adopts me has to make sure that I won’t escape, since I am very clever and can find a way.

Despite all this, I am very loving and playful… and I make friends easily with other dogs



Shrek2Age: 13 years old

Sex: male

Breed: Tal-Kacca


Hello! My name is Shrek… like the cartoon character. I don’t know why they gave me this name… Do you think it’s my ears?

I am a bit old, but I am like a good whiskey… the older the better. People say that I am calm, yet quite powerful. I would say that I am wise too, so if you would like some advice, I know better than to give it. Don’t forget, I would do anything for a yummy treat. So don’t come empty-handed when you come and visit me.”



there are no long term cats currently at the MSPCA.

However you may still sponsor a cat, but not a specific one.


Sponsorship Benefits

Your new best friend will give unconditional love when you decide to sponsor one. You will receive from your new best friend

An ID card of your dog or cat

A certificate of your chosen pet

A car sticker

Annual membership of the MSPCA

A copy of ‘Animal Watch’ – the MSPCA magazine

Sponsor as a gift

A perfect present for that person who has everything – A birthday, Christmas or anniversary present for the person who has everything and is a real dog lover.


Step 1 – Choose your new best four legged friend from the photos above

Step 2 – Complete the sponsorship form and choose your preferred method of payment from the following options

A. Sign up for a direct debit system. Download the application form below, fill in the details and return to the MSPCA.

B. Send donation by cheque together with a filled in form.

C. Pay via PayPal through the application form below

The first option is the best and easiest method for MSPCA, thus much preferred.

Step 3 – Send your forms or donations to Sponsor a Dog or Cat, MSPCA Head Office, St. Francis Ravelin Street, Floriana. 

For any questions please contact Mary Field on sadc@spcamalta.org

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