The current MSPCA Re-Homing Centre takes in abandoned and stray dogs at Floriana, which is the hub of MSPCA. These animals are received, cared for and, eventually, re-homed. When a cat or dog is brought to the Re-Homing Centre for the first time they are given a health check by a vet and treated for worms and fleas. We try and arrange all animal intakes to happen on the day when the vet is here (so that animals are not waiting around for days with a potentially contagious disease).  We also try and encourage owners to vaccinate the animal a few days before intake so that when the animal comes in he or she is protected from anything else going round. By doing these processes, the MSPCA has many fewer outbreaks of disease than in previous years, any diseases on site are contained, and we also have less outbreaks than many other NGOs.

The animal will spend the first couple of days in an isolated kennel on their own so that he or she can be monitored by staff, who will then assess the animal’s character. Should the animal need veterinary care, this is dealt with immediately and a plan put into place for any after care.

Once it is established that the dog or cat is healthy and sociable with people they are placed for adoption. Any cats which are feral and cannot cope with people and confinement are neutered, ear-tipped and returned to the site collected from, in their own interests. We house our dogs singly or in social pairs, and our cats in singles, pairs or small groups only if they came in as such. We do not force unfamiliar cats to live together nor keep them in large groups as we care deeply about their mental welfare. Similarly, if two cats come in together are clearly not a social pair and do not carry out mutual grooming, or sleep together, then we will consider homing them singly; while we will NEVER split an established social pair of cats.

All dogs and cats are neutered and dogs are micro-chipped before they are re-homed (or shortly after, at our cost).

Whilst in our care the needs of the animal are continually assessed to ensure that they remain in good health. Dogs have their nails clipped, their ears checked for mites and both cats and dogs receive the relevant vaccinations. We have a tracking card and a database so that we can keep up to date. In many cases. Caring for the cats and dogs in our care is labour intensive and relies upon the hard work of our staff and volunteers.

The kennels require cleaning, the animals require feeding, grooming, socialising and the dogs need to be walked. In addition, the Re-Homing Centre is over 100 years old and requires a lot of maintenance. The costs of running the re-homing centre are high and must be met by fund-raising alone.

It costs € 15-20 per cat or dog EACH, each day to keep the Re-Homing Centre running which adds to the average cost of €160,000 per year! As well as continually raising money to keep the Re-Homing Centre open, the MSPCA staff and volunteers are working hard to raise enough money to build a new Re-Homing Centre. These improved facilities will mean that the cats and dogs have enough room to live, run and socialise in an environment that is purpose-built for their needs.

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