Pets Needing Homes

6” Pets, like fine wine, improve with age.

When I think about all the dumb things I did as a puppy I just want to howl with embarrassment. But now I am older and wiser. I may be a little slower, but I am also smarter and calmer and less likely to drive you crazy.

I am ready to be your friend and couch-mate, to share long walks and evenings in front of the TV.”



“So give us a chance and come over to the MSPCA. Spend some time with us and give us a thought. We will enjoy your company and will look forward to seeing you again, and hopefully spend the rest of our life with you.”



The MSPCA Homing Centre database shows all the dogs and cats that are in the MSPCA Home at the present time and are ready for homing.

The database is updated as regularly as we can but please check with us.

Photographs and descriptions shown on this database are to the best knowledge of the MSPCA and are as accurate as possible but the MSPCA takes no responsibility should their situation change.

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