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24-dog and catWelcome to Pawfect Pet Care!

Responsible pet ownership is the key to preventing the unnecessary suffering and destruction of cats and dogs. A responsible owner understands that having a pet is a long term commitment lasting for the life of their pet. A dog or cat should not be returned because it becomes too costly or takes up too much of an owner’s time. Most importantly, a responsible owner recognises that pets are part of the family and should be treated with love and respect throughout their lives.

As a family member you should take time to get to know your pet.

How do they usually behave? What food do they like?

Do they like to play with you or with their toys or do they prefer to fall asleep on your lap or at your feet?

The more you get to know your pet, the more you will be able to anticipate their needs and identify unusual behaviour.

If your pet is quieter than usual or acting differently, this might be a signal that there is something wrong.

You could take a look at our pet health section for some of the more common problems that can arise in cats in dogs. It is important to remember that your vet will be able to give the best advice on how to keep your pet healthy.