Become a member of the MSPCA!

By being a member of the MSPCA you will be supporting the work of the MSPCA in Malta.

The MSPCA have a  mission to have all the stray and abandoned dogs and cats in Malta neutered and re-homed into loving homes. Through our nationwide neutering and micro-chipping program, we have already neutered and chipped over 15,000 dogs which has gradually alleviated the stray dog problem on the island where there were large packs of dogs living on the streets, many in a dreadful state.

Our efforts continue on this front, and we aim to set up a nationwide cat colony management system in the future.

Your support will help the MSPCA campaign for:

  • A better life for Malta’s pets
  • The banning of animals to be used in zoos, cruel sports and unethical farming and transportation methods
  • Better education of animal welfare in schools
  • A state of the art Re-Homing and Education Centre for cats and dogs
  • Plus your membership will help us re-home and give a cat and a dog every day of the year a second chance of happiness by taking take them off the streets.

By becoming a Member you will receive:

  • A membership card and one of our Action for Animals car stickers, so you can show your support for the country’s oldest animal welfare organisation.
  • Access to the Audited Accounts and Minutes of the AGM (and summary of financial information) which provide a snapshot of the animal welfare work delivered by the MSPCA during the year and its plans for the future. It’s a great way to find out just how much work we do for animals.
  • A copy of Animal Watch which allows you to keep up to date with the latest MSPCA news and events. Animal Watch is packed with animal welfare information, pet advice, animal facts, successful re-homing stories and tips on how you can help animals.

As a member of the MSPCA you can take part in our AGM and vote at the election of committee members, giving you a say in how we carry out our work.  You can even become a committee member in the futer

How to become a Member

We are now offering a new membership scheme of Sponsor a Dog or Cat. For just 1 Euro a week you can have the satisfaction of knowing that your generosity has sponsored the bedding, treats, special food, toys, leashes and other supplies that help to make an animal’s life at the MSPCA as happy as possible. When sponsoring a dog or a cat you will receive a sponsorship pack that includes an ID card of your dog or cat, profile card of your chosen pet and a car sticker.

Setting up your sponsorship is really easy: Either print off the form from our Website or facebook page (Malta SPCA) or phone and ask for a form to be sent by post. Once it is filled in send it back to Sponsor a Dog or Cat, MSPCA Malta Head Office, St. Francis Ravelin Street and wait for your sponsorship pack.

We would also like you to know that with your generous gesture of becoming a member by joining the Sponsor A Dog or Cat Scheme you will be helping all the animals at the Re-Homing Centre.

Please call on 21 234431 or Email:

More information

If you would like further information about the MSPCA, their policies, then simply send an email to:

Financial affairs and governing documents

Members requiring more detailed information on the financial affairs of the Society may go to the Re-Homing Centre in Floriana to read a copy of the Society’s Audited Accounts.  There is also a copy available at the VO office in Floriana.