FUNdraising is fun!

It is very easy to run an event and the MSPCA will help you along the way giving advice and support where necessary.

  • The  MSPCA need your help, so why not get a group of friends together, family and perhaps colleagues at work and run an event?
  • The MSPCA have developed a fundraising pack for you to use with lots of ideas, so to get a copy or for further information, email
  • There is lots of information too on the website.
  • You can join us by either volunteering or attending at one of our MSPCA fundraising events, come along and have some fun and make new friends as well as knowing you are helping the dogs and cats.

It costs €5 a day to care and feed for each dog and cat at the MSPCA and we are always constantly taking in and re-homing animals!

The dogs and cats at the MSPCA Re-Homing Centre need YOUR help…


To celebrate your important event we invite you to give a donation to our charity.  In return we will provide personalised souvenirs to give to your guests.  This can range from bookmarks to badges.  If you are interested please contact