Dogs Trust

The MSPCA teamed up with the Dogs Trust to promote responsible pet ownership and improve standards of animal welfare in Malta.

Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity and cares for 16,000 abandoned and unwanted dogs a year through its network of 19 Re-Homing Centres. For more information visit

Neutering and Micro-chipping

Our campaigns have focused on providing support and advice to dog owners. We have established a neutering and micro-chipping service to help reduce the number of straying dogs being destroyed. To date, over 15,000 dogs have been neutered and chipped through this campaign!

Over-breeding tends to be prolific in farm dogs. Our campaign targeted this problem by providing neutering, micro-chipping and transport service for farm dogs at only €19 per dog.

This offer is also available to people receiving government benefits, hunters and community dogs. Please call 21 230468 or 777 111 00 or email for more info.


Education Workshops

Our youth education workshops are aimed at primary school children and promote responsible pet ownership. Our workshops have reached over 55,000 students to date!

If you are a teacher and interested in having us speak at your school or events, please contact and we’d be happy to set up a no cost workshop!