Aims & Objectives

The MSPCA is a registered charity and has a history on the island dating back to 1876.

The MSPCA – Malta Society for the Protection and Care of Animals – is an associated member of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). Its mission is to promote kindness and prevent cruelty to animals, through education, advocacy and other activities.

The MSPCA runs the oldest and largest Re-Homing Centre for dogs and cats in Floriana and is officially recognised by the Maltese Government as the national animal welfare organisation. The MSPCA takes in stray and abandoned cats and dogs, rehabilitates them where necessary and re-homes them into loving homes.

The MSPCA is committed to long term educational programmes designed to raise awareness of the appalling consequences of ignorance and indifference. It promotes a positive attitude to rehabilitation and re-homing and seeks to foster a new, caring community, intolerant of cruelty to animals in all its forms.

Our aim is to build a new purpose built MSPCA Re-Homing Centre to cater for the hundreds of stray and abandoned dogs and cats on the island.

The MSPCA is working closely with the Government, the sanctuaries, other animal welfare organisations and the Maltese people on a number of inter-related initiatives.

These include:

  • Adoption and enforcement of modern animal welfare regulations;
  • A national dog neutering programme;
  • Provision of modern animal welfare facilities;
  • Enlightenment and education of the general population.

The MSPCA believes that on islands as small as Malta and Gozo, it should be possible to not only bring the stray dog population under control but to eventually virtually eradicate it.