Before Adopting a Pet


Choosing a new pet to join your family is an exciting time, and picking the correct companion is important. You will need to consider carefully what type of household you have – is it busy or quiet? Do you have young children or other pets? Is anyone allergic to cats or dogs? This should influence the type and character of the pet you choose.

A timid, quiet cat would find it difficult to cope with boisterous children, grumpy cats, or energetic dogs. Think about your home’s suitability for a feline tenant before you embark on finding one. Be realistic and honest with yourself about how you feel about cat hair, cleaning litter boxes, and all the other things that accompany owning a cat. A cat’s life expectancy is now roughly 16 years, and some live many years longer, so take time making your decision. A cat deserves a stable and caring home for life.

Owning a dog is rewarding but will require time and patience especially when adopting a young dog. Is the dog going to be left alone for long hours? Have you got time to take your dog out for his daily walks, to train him and to give him the love and attention he deserves? Are all family members dog lovers?

One must also remember that whether adopting a cat or a dog added costs are incurred. Your pet will need his yearly vaccinations, collars and leashes, food, toys, bedding, occasional visits to the vet as well as the need to be kept in a boarding kennel when you go on holiday.

Once you have thought it through and made sure that, if renting an apartment/house, you are allowed to keep pets , you may then move on to the next stage……. choosing your life time companion. Visit our Re-Homing Centre in Floriana where you will see for yourselves what a friendly bunch we have.  Our “Pets Needing a Home” page will give you an idea of what is up for adoption.

Adopting a dog or a cat is a big commitment and hugely rewarding!

The MSPCA does its best to ensure you adopt the right animal for your circumstances and lifestyle. When you visit the Re-Homing Centre in Floriana you will be able to discuss which type of pet would suit you best. We will ask you first to complete a matching form and then introduce you only to the animals which meet your needs. In order to minimise the constant disturbance to the animals (which is a known and significant cause of stress to them) from frequent entry and exit into the animal areas, we may restrict access to the kennels and cattery only to those interested in adopting and who have completed a matching form.

Once you and us have matched a cat or dog that suits your lifestyle, the MSPCA will:

  • Complete a booking form with your personal details.
  • A donation of € 50 for cats and € 50 for dogs is requested. This is to assist the work of the MSPCA.
  • All dogs are neutered and micro-chipped, wormed and de-flead and puppies are fully vaccinated.
  • All cats are neutered, litter trained, wormed and de-flead.
  • You may collect your new pet after it has recovered from its neutering operation.
  • On collection of your new pet an adoption agreement is signed