Welcome to the MSPCA website… our Floriana rehoming centre is open from 10am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm Wednesday to Sunday. We are closed Monday & Tuesday.

We accept stray and unwanted animals only by prior arrangement in order to ensure we can prioritise the most urgent cases first and avoid overcrowding our small site. Please phone first, please do not arrive with an animal without calling ahead.

We work to international standards and keep up-to-date with global best practice. Experience around the world tells us that limiting visitors to a dog and cat shelter reduces stress levels and barking, hiding and other stress behaviours by dogs, as well as helps cats be more reassured that their safe environment is not going to be continually disturbed by strangers. We are therefore not a “walk-round” rehoming centre: on arrival, you’ll be asked to fill in a matching form and we will introduce you, away from the kennels, only to the animals that match what you are looking for – therefore avoiding unnecessarily stressing the others.

All our dogs are walked daily and our cats socialised by both staff and our regular volunteers!

We hope you understsand the reasons behind this – more can be found here